Namibian Landscapes

Here’s some landscapes from my trip to Namibia while I work on postproductions of my personal project.

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Alice Swan - I love the dark mood and earthy colours. Fantastic work!

Frans - whow!!! is al wat ek kan se.
Frans Carla en kids

Hannes Uys - I like the one with the tree on the left. Seriously beautiful as always Sybrand.

Nicoli Mazzarolo - I’m immensely grateful by your photos, to show what you fell in this way. Congrats, I’m your fan.

Paula - Ek het mos geweet as jy eers eenmaal ons land gesien en geproe het, gaan jy weer kom!!! Wou ook graag sien hoe kyk jy na ons woestynland deur ‘n lens… Ongelooflik mooi! Ek bly ‘n FAN!

Paul Pearce - Stunning place and breath taking photos Mnr.
As the saying goes, One day when I am big.

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